Selling A Home

When is a good time to sell?

The short answer is…when it’s a good time for you. There are definitely home-buying seasons here in Las Vegas but a “seller’s market” may not line up perfectly with your schedule. You can maximize your home’s selling potential by keeping up on the maintenance, staging it properly and timing your sale for when buyers are looking. Often families with children in school tend to look in the spring and summer months so as to avoid changing schools mid-year. This can mean a lot of traffic to your property. In the winter months, especially around the holidays, there is a shortage of available properties for buyers. While the number of buyers may also be lower, people DO have to move during this time of year as well. This can result in a higher price for your home. Less options for the buyer may mean they’ll have to pay more for what they want.

What are the costs involved?

  1. Perception is reality. A successful sale for top dollars is always a seller’s goal. It is often likely you will need to invest a little cash in order to generate a sale for top dollar. I always ask sellers to think as a buyer, and I ask buyers to think as a seller. Would you pay top dollars for a house that is dirty, does not show well or has some deferred maintenance? Of course not, and neither does a buyer.
  2. Buyers can and will notice the deferred maintenance. Any repair needed is also likely to show up on a home inspection report. Getting your house ready ahead of time will bring you better buyers and a higher sale price.
  3. There are various closing costs involved with selling a house, and they usually represent a percentage of the sale price. Call us for a more detailed explanation of these closing costs.

What do I need to do to get my home ready to sell?

In general, keep it as clean and well-maintained as possible. This can include:

  1. Painting. If you have bold tastes in colors now may be a god time to re-paint with a more neutral palate. This is also a good idea if your walls are looking a little dingy. Often a good scrub will fix dirty walls but remember that as far as house repairs go, paint is quite cheap and lends a lot of “bang-for-the-buck”.
  2. Keep the house clean. Make sure floors are clean as well as the countertops. Buyers are often “turned off” when they see piles of dirty clothes in the bedrooms or piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. In general, de-clutter and keep the house organized.
  3. Consider keeping the utilities on if the home is vacant. Sure, it’s a bit more cash out of your pocket but can save you in the long run. Consider how hot the home may get in the summer months when potential buyers are looking, especially during the mid-day hours. Often, the utilities also need to be on for a home inspection, so it may be easiest to just leave them on to begin with and adjust your thermostat to a moderate temperature. And no one likes to enter a cold, dark house in the winter months when the sun sets early.

What is the right price to sell my home for? I thought it would be worth more?

The internet is full of websites that offer estimates on house values. While they can be somewhat accurate at times, they sometimes continue to mislead homeowners into by providing value based on inaccurate data. Their databases are built on scanning every possible bit of information found on the internet. Some of it is accurate, and some of it is not. One of the many services we offer our clients is a free, fully detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date valuation for your home. Our valuation system is based on a market analysis, neighborhood trends, past comps and current available. We blend and analyze all this data in a concise, full color and easy to read report that provides you with a realistic home value and most importantly, how we got there. We can’t modify the existing data, but our personal input is what will bring the human touch into the equation for a precise and equitable valuation. No software can replace human knowledge and experience.

How can I help my home sell quickly and for top dollar?

Be clear and upfront about your expectations. Having clear goals is what makes the process smooth and successful. Communicating these goals to your agent is key in turning them into reality. We always ask our clients for precise directions and tailor our services based on their needs and goals. Our proven marketing strategies are the very best in the market. We invest a lot of work, time and cash into marketing your property because our objective is to always get our clients the highest sale price in the shortest time frame possible. If we feel our clients’ goals are unrealistic, we invite you to sit down with us to go over the whole process and discuss how we can meet or exceed your expectations. Communicating in an open and honest manner is the foundation of a successful deal. We will always keep you in the loop throughout the sales process, because we know our success is built on the relationships we create along the way.


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