Kellie is originally from Colorado where she earned her teaching degree.  After having lived abroad for a while, Kellie has made Las Vegas her home for the past 13 years. Like many others, she made the move to this vibrant city in order to invest in residential real estate. Her personal experience in investing in real estate helped Kellie acquire the skills and tools that make her the savvy and talented Realtor(R) she is today. Kellie’s greatest advantage is that she has been through the ups and downs of the local market and she navigated the rough waters by continuously adapting to the changing scenarios.

Kellie implements her skills and knowledge on a daily basis by helping her clients buy and sell all sorts of properties. She is a master at negotiating with clients from all over the world. Her calm demeanor is easy to get along with and reassuring to her clients. Make no mistake, although soft spoken, she fights hard for her clients all the way and delivers results. Kellie is also an experienced REO agent and handles multiple accounts on behalf of corporate investors.

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